When it Rains, it Pours.

Dangling high above the ocean surface from a rope ladder hanging out of the side of a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, you can see the sharks below. Vicious creatures swam beneath and all riled up with the single drop of blood touching down in the water. Water begins to splash from the frenzy of hungry sharks being teased at the sight of dangling meat nearly one hundred feet up. There is an old Native American saying, “It never rained a single drop”. When one thing goes wrong, something else typically follows. Depending on how well the universe feels you handled both problems it may issue another…and another. One such issue, raindrop, upside-down helicopter ride is with money. You have money. You have a plan for what to do with the money. The unpredictable variable sticks you on a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter upside down over an ocean of ferocious beasts. That money gets spent. You had no idea how much that little unpredictable adventure was going to cost, but you now have a problem.

What can Go Payment Pros do for my business?

Go Payment Pros offers a solution called, Merchant Cash Advances.A sudden office malfunction! The five-gallon water cooler jug fell. It didn’t just fall. It spilled five gallons of water all over the floor and on its way down it splashed a computer, keyboard, screen and photocopier. Equipment is not functioning, sparks flew, and the smoke detectors are on blast. All in all not the most fun way to begin a day. The time would be now to get these things fixed. Not tomorrow, nor the next day. The universe ends if you cannot begin work today so off you go to fetch new stuff required by the office to function.

Naturally, you don’t just go out, get it and bring it back. There was driving involved. A busy intersection, rough interstate, hill, and a dessert till the canyon of the crescent moon. Once there and almost back again, there was a tight 4-way stop sign that was unclear as to who was first and someone rear ended you. Somehow, it’s your fault and now you have to pay an insurance deductible to fix the business car. Great!

You manage to get back to the office and find two things. The first being your calendar pinned by knives and ninja stars to the cherry finish wooden door to the office. The calendar has a circle around an event happening tomorrow. It‘s a meeting with a client to explore a new business relationship that has a lot of potential for growth and expansion for both companies. The calendar was one thing. The other thing you saw was your girlfriend. She stood there staring at the calendar she posted to the door with knives and ninja stars. The previously un-circled meeting that takes place is with a person that was also your girlfriend once before. Obviously the new girlfriend is a little jealous and a ninja. You run, get out the window and climb up to the roof. After explaining the nature of the situation to the police and the National Guard they send in a rescue helicopter that lowers the rope ladder to you and you begin climbing. The Army flees at the sight of the scorned ninja woman and proceeds towards the beach. Once over the water and still attempting to climb the rope ladder, a string on the ladder breaks from a ninja star. You fall backwards. Your legs tied up and tangled in the rope ladder. You hang upside down. Below you, sharks.

For a moment, okay let’s forget about the ninja girlfriend and focus on this upcoming meeting for the next day that was on your calendar. With all the money that needed to be spent on the business today, how can you afford to take this individual to a fancy dinning establishment and proceed to work out your business? This person leaves town after the scheduled meeting so there is no easy rescheduling either. There is no petty cash left. If you take out any money at this point, something or someone is not getting paid or worse you may overdraw.Now, you find yourself in bewilderment as to how things made it as far as they did. Bearing in mind that this opportunity may not work out for you at all with this upcoming meeting and it could be a giant waste of both time and money. You’re broke with nothing in the petty cash fund. Do you blow off a grand business opportunity because there wasn’t enough cash?

Of course not! We, at Payment Pros understand that business happens. Sometimes, it comes flying around the bend and knocks us over. The important part is how we prepare for these circumstances. As a business, success is what we are after and we are sure that your are too. In the event your business does well, ours does well. We want your business to succeed. Money is available for your sudden time of need. We offer Merchant Cash Advances as part of our service at Payment Pros.com.

One Stop Solution

We, at Payment Pros are looking to establish and maintain business services for clients that are interested in making their businesses profitable and successful companies. Our services travel the spectrum from being able help you accept credit payments, to setting up secure and easy to use online payment gateways. We help get terminals for taking these payments to your brick and mortar building business and take on clients that are risk and even considered by many as “High-risk”. We have a 99% approval rating and quickly review your application with a 24-48 hour turnaround and in the event you find yourself needing cash quickly, we offer a merchant cash advance. We have solutions and more solutions. We want you to do well, so we can do well. That is more about being a partner and less about being a client. Partner with us. Visit our website now or call us. All aboard!

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Typically a merchant cash advance is used for a variety of different business reasons. Purchasing inventory or upgrading software are a couple of the reasons why some businesses take out a merchant cash advances. As mentioned above you can’t predict certain events from transpiring and at what interval they will happen in relation to one another.

The amount of the advance available to you is based on information that is accrued over time with your merchant account service provider. We base the maximum amount of an advance we can offer to you on your sales volume. Sometimes it may be 100-150% of your monthly volume. At Payment Pros, we can provide advances for revenue based on your bank or merchant account statement as well as your sales volume.

  • With a $50,000 sales volume, you may be eligible for a $50,000 merchant cash advance.
  • With $100,000 in sales volume, you could be eligible for either $100k or even $150k.

After the amount of the advance is agreed to the advance gets made. Interest is added to the total of the advance and then we reach the total to be paid back over 6-12 months.



Fitting Your Needs and Injury

Some businesses have had trouble making the connection with a merchant account service provider that can help them accept credit card payments. Some businesses wish to increase their business flow and increase their stock, eventually growing to a bigger company with the best credibility in their industry. We offer at Payment Pros the standard of what a merchant account service provider should offer. E-Commerce, high-risk and many other clients come on board because we help facilitate making your brand credible in the eyes of your customers. This is a connection that fits, try us on and see.

A merchant cash advance is a service offered for when, “It” happens: the “it” being business. It’s not always good or bad. Sometimes it’s just a little uncomfortable. The same can be said about many random injuries that occur. It’s commonly about flexibility. Taking the time to stretch out before certain activities seriously reduces the likelihood of receiving the random injury. With our service, we hope you can take the series of events that happen and have the flexibility you need to not feel uncomfortable in your future business endeavors.